Loaded Gun Left In UofL Bathroom?

Here I am sitting in my normal spot in Davidson where I have my 8am class.  Normally, I don’t take my spot by the charger until 9:15 when my class ends. Today I was let out early, because of an exam on Thursday.  I sit, grab a snack, and normally open my laptop to do online shopping work on homework. One of the spots with a charger is by the bathrooms, and that is where I choose to sit.

After while I hear a commotion coming from behind me, where the restrooms are. Some of our Louisville workers and custodians are entering the guys’ restroom over and over. “Who would’ve left that?” and “I bet they put it there while they were going to the bathroom” could be heard between the male UofL Physical Plant worker and female worker who frequent Davidson. Before long, maybe due to my proximity to the location, or my magnificent eavesdropping skills. I realized what was going on. Someone had left a loaded gun, just sitting in the male restroom. I could be wrong. Hell I was eavesdropping, but it got me thinking…

In case you are not aware, I am an outspoken liberal and there is NO WAY I could ever deny this so I will try to be as unbiased as possible.  This is hard, but hey- I’m human. I am all for keeping yourself safe, especially going to a Metropolitan-area school. A hop, skip, and jump away from downtown Louisville. In a time where gun violence is a BIG issue. I find nothing wrong with protecting yourself if you feel unsafe (IF you go through the necessary steps to obtain your Conceal and Carry License and gun) especially with our college being located in the largest city in the state. Crime happens too often. Do I feel unsafe walking at night? Yes. But do I feel unsafe in my class room? Not necessarily. Ultimately I don’t feel any danger by being around people knowing they have their license.

However, John Doe who has his gun on his waist, who I do not know, there is no way for me to know whether or not they are following proper gun laws.  Same with hearing that a gun was just left in the bathroom, who knows what the intentions were behind leaving it there.  More than likely just an accident, but that means anyone who has access to the bathroom (all males in the surrounding area, well actually ANYONE who decides to brave the guys’ bathroom), has access to that gun. This probably happens more often than I am aware.

If gun owners are going to advocate so hard to carry and have the right to carry, in my opinion the whereabouts of your gun should be a HIGH priority at all times. Phone, keys, GUN. It should be a greater priority than other necessities you carry on your person.  Sometimes people do leave or loose their phone or keys, but neither are classified as a “deadly weapon”.

So UofL gun owners, please make it a priority to know where your gun is at all times. A gun doesn’t protect anyone in the hands of untrained civilian.


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