What I Did This Weekend: Fall Break

This past weekend was our fall break, in which I got to spend some time NOT thinking about school for a long period of time (I still spent time worrying about school, and personal things like everything I’ve over-committed myself to, but I digress). I was more than thrilled to be able to go home and enjoy time with my family. No work, no school, no obligations to society. Just 5 days in the town I used to call home (before I got smart enough to leave to earn my degree, as that town is no place for a journalist). I often call it my high-school hometown because it’s not where I grew up, but it’s where I went to high school.

A 2-and-a half car ride on a rainy, cold day gets me there Friday night, and after a stop to get wine which is a must when staying with my family for any period of time. That’s just what we do.

I enjoy spending time at home because I honestly love my family. You know this if you read my article about family traditions. They are my biggest supporters and I love being able to come home and visit with them all day and all night. I watched the Notre Dame vs. Clemson game (oh god don’t even get me started, dad being the Notre Dame football alumni he is probably cried his eyes out after the game) with my dad and my uncle. Alcohol and good food was included. I got to spend time gossiping with my mom and enjoying her company and the company of wine. My aunt and me went to a fall festival and had some great food, and then went shopping.

My car was getting worked on to fix my hit and run damage. $2000 worth of damage, and now you know why I always say I hate people. So that being said, where I went was pretty limited. I also got the opportunity to go to lunch with my dad and goes grocery shopping. That might as well be like a college student’s Christmas. I then got to go have dinner with one of my closest cousins, Mary Grace. Me and Grace went to Olive Garden and then did some shopping.

I wish I could have stayed longer. I’m so close to my family, and I miss seeing them so often. I know that this just means I cherish my time with them even more.


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